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Abb Workouts Review – P90X Ab Ripper X

Welcome back for another Abb Workouts Review. Today I felt like working out to a different abs routine so I decided to do the Ab Ripper X Workout from the P90X program. I have been doing this Abb Workouts routine for about a year now at least once or twice per week after various workouts, because I like the intense burn that it always delivers. Even though my abs and core are a lot stronger now, there are always times throughout this abb workouts that brings me to my knees. Truly this abb workout is no joke, but it does build an ab machine (You) without having to use ab machines… (I hate it, but I love it). Honestly no matter how many times I’ve done these abb workouts, I always have a tough time with a few of the exercises throughout the sequence. By the time I’m done my abs are burning and my core ends up being pretty tired for a while. Because I know how effective this program is… I would have to say that it is one of the best abs workout on the market.

Ab Ripper XWhen I completed my first round of P90X, it wasn’t until day 40 or so that I was able to do the Ab Ripper X routine all the way through. Again this is one serious abdominal workout. However, I’m now able to do the advanced versions of abb workouts and keep up with the crew on the DVD. There’s no denying the fact that the set of abdominal exercises in Ab Ripper X shreds my core every time! As a sidebar, please know that Ab Ripper X is a ab workout for men as well as for women. And it is truly effective if combined with any strength training workouts. Basically, if you want perfect abs this is a great program for you.

When you pop in the Ab Ripper X DVD be sure you are ready to ‘Rock and Roll’ because the various abb workout routines are done at a very fast pace… so if you are unable to keep up - DO NOT allow yourself to become discouraged! Tony encourages you to take a break if needed. I also recommend that you take breaks then simply jump back in when you’re ready! I think you’ll agree with Tony Horton when he drops the classic line: “I hate it, but I love it” – regarding the Ab Ripper X abb workouts routine. Personally I usually dread doing abb workouts, but I don’t allow myself to make excuses and I just keep pushing through. My main objective was to simply get better each time. One thing I knew for sure is that my core has become much stronger. I truly love the challenge and the satisfaction I get from finishing this beast of an abb workout. And it is refreshing to know that this wonderful workout DOES NOT require and weights and/or commercial gym equipment. I mean – who has the time or money to go out and buy an ab bench or crunch machines, fitness equipment or cardio machines these days. Why… when you can get it done with Ab Ripper X. Click the button below and get started with this one of a kind abb workout routine today!

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P90X Ab Ripper X Review (Abb Workouts)

Tony Horton: “What’s really amazing about Ab Ripper X abb workouts is it gives people an opportunity to get the best, most ripped abdominal area they’ve ever had in their lives. You will be doing 339 abdominal moves. If you want sculpted abs… it’s going to happen ONLY one way and that requires you to bring it!” I love the introduction from Tony because he’s right. If you can hang with the crew for these abdominal exercises and finish the Ab Ripper X routine (keeping in mind that it took me 40 days to get to that point), you will notice that each time you finish it, you will be one step closer to getting that ripped six pack abs that you desire. And that’s what it was all about for me. Each day and each time I put in that DVD… I just want to get a little better and some what closer to my desired fitness goal. Now please note that Ab Ripper X alone won’t get you a ripped six pack… (you still need to lose fat in the area first), therefore, Ab Ripper X should be used in combination with the other P90X workouts!

If you are doing P90X, you should be familiar with the fact that you are expected to do Ab Ripper X three times per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) after your main strength workouts. In comparision to Insanity this is a major difference. The great thing is that you will get a calendar with a schedule of each workout. Ab Ripper X is normally scheduled to be done immediately after the following workouts: Chest and Back (or Chest Shoulders and Triceps); Shoulders and Arms (or Back and Biceps); and Legs and Back. Personally for me – doing Ab Ripper X after is the Legs and Back is the hardest because in that workout, you end up blasting your core (especially your thighs) through an extreme combination of leg exercises and pull ups. I typically find that doing Ab Ripper X after Legs and Back a total nightmare, but I force myself to fight through the pain because I know… No Pain – No Gain!

Ab Ripper X is approximately 16 minute workout. The reason that it’s short is due to the fact that it’s a secondary, supplemental workout. By the time you’re done with Ab Ripper X, you will realize that 16 minutes is more than enough time to absolutely demolish your core. You will basically be putting your core through 16 minutes of hell every time you do Ab Ripper X. If you are doing P90X, you will learn to appreciate the overall toughness of this abdominal routine (as some many of us have) as you progress through your 90 day journey.

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P90X Ab Ripper X Workout Exercises (Abb Workouts)

1. In and Outs.

2. Bicycles. Two sets (forwards and backwards.)

3. Crunchy Frog.

4. Hybrid Leg/Vast Leg Sit ups.

5. Fifer Scissors.

6. Hip Gravel ‘N Raise.

7. Pulse Ups (Heels to Heaven).

8. V-Up Roll Up Combos.

9. Oblique V-Ups. (Two sets, for each side.)

10. Leg Climbs. (Two sets for each leg.)

11. Mason Twist.

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Abb Workouts Review – Insanity Cardio Abs

Today we are going to talk about the cardio abs DVD within the Insanity program and how the techniques are designed to strengthen, tone and shape your abdominal region. This by far is the shortest video within the Insanity series. But with that being said, please understand that a solid 15 minute ‘abb workouts’ can be very effective and is probably all you need. This abb workout does not require you to purchase any ab machines or expensive fitness equipments.

When I first started with the Insanity program – I would have to say I probably was in average shape. However, when I had the opportunity to do the abs routine – I was terrible. I mean absolutely terrible! And the workout was ONLY 15 minutes. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was and how frustrated I became. I learned right then that my core was not as strong as I thought it was. But once again… we all have to start some where right! The Insanity Program is like ANY good recipe – if you can follow directions without deviating from what’s required… you will get results! Isn’t that the only reason you or I would consider purchasing such a program? We want the results and there are so many testimonies out there it isn’t funny. You wanted a abdominal workout program… well here it is my friend.

… with that being said, let me share my first tip for you…

C-SitWhile doing the Insanity Cardio ‘Abb Workouts,’ if you find yourself experiencing lower back pain while in the C-Sit position, I encourage you to stop. DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER! My recommendation would be for you to go back and watch the DVD and pay close attention to ‘Shaun T’ as he explains the correct position you should be in. The ‘Abb Workouts’ DVD from the Insanity program is all about strengthening your core, NOT hurting your back! Therefore, if you feel pain specifically in your lower back… you are doing it WRONG!!!!!!!!!

Experiencing pain in the Low back while working your abs… is a good sign you’re weak in that area and potential over-using your hip flexors. To be honest, the first time I did the Insanity ‘Abb Workouts’I noticed it more within my hip flexor rather than I did in my abs and that’s not what I wanted nor was that going to help me lose that unwanted belly fat and love handles! However, I knew I would feel it in my hip flexor, but I also knew I was doing something wrong. For one thing, you can’t really leave the hip flexors entirely out of most abs exercises. They are still an important part of the picture. However, the idea is to get the abs involved as much as you can and to keep the hip flexors from taking over. The way you accomplish this is to be aware of what’s going on with your body. Pay attention and be sure that during your workout you concentrate on isolating your abdominal muscles. Go ahead and click the button below to learn more about how you get the abs fast… or keep reading.


Now the largest issue I see with most individuals, who are new to working out, whether it is in the gym or at home is that they think more, is better. This is especially true for the want to be Gym Rats. You know the guys and girls who haven’t worked out in ages and when they go back they try to lift the heaviest amount of weight they possibly can. Consequently, their form is so bad they end up hurting themselves… only to start the same process over and over again. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Listen when it comes to a proper ‘Abb Workouts’ specifically with Insanity… DO NOT sacrifice yourself to potential injury just to say you did the workout in place of proper form!

So here’s what I DON’T like about the Insanity Cardio ‘Abb Workouts’

According to the schedule provided you ONLY workout your abs four times in the first month. For me, even though I wasn’t in my best of shape, that was not enough. Now, in case you are JUST beginning, and you are NOT in the greatest shape yet, then I would recommend doing the program EXACTLY as designed. You do not want to OVERTRAIN! It is far better to be teachable and coachable! This will keep you from becoming discouraged and better yet hurting yourself. NO ONE wants that right! So truly – my ONLY complaint about the Insanity’s Abb Workouts, is based upon how OFTEN you do it rather than the workout itself!

So here’s what I DO like about Insanity Cardio ‘Abb Workouts’

Overall – I love it. I am truly hooked. Even in light of the fact that it pushes me mentally and physically. I love the mind bending, complete weariness workouts just so I feel alive. If you consider yourself to be in average shape, this is going to be a good workout for you. Shaun T the creator of Insanity brings it throughout his entire workouts. He pushes you past your current level of conditioning, and beyond into something more, something better! The Abb Workouts and all of the other DVD’s within this series is designed to make you dig deep and find out what you’re really made of!!!


Insanity Cardio Abs – Abb Workouts

You are going to start of as normal: Warm-up, stretch, exercise then stretch again. Get use to it – same format. For the abb workouts you are going to need a mat.

Warm-Up (Abb Workouts)

  • Jog
  • High Knees
  • High Knees with Twist
  • Jump Rope – Keep knees soft
  • Tuck Jumps – Use core to lift knees

Water Break – 30 Seconds – Keep moving

  • Wide Tuck Jumps – These are the same exercise you just did in your warm-up, but your leg stance is wide.

Get into the C-Sit position – Make sure you are in a correct C-Sit position to avoid hurting your back.

  • Twists – Here all you are doing is having your arms in front of you and twisting side to side in your C-sit position

Twist with Knee (Abb Workouts)

  • The same thing you just did but you are adding a knee to your forearm

A-Frame Ab Twists (Abb Workouts)

  • These are more or less the same thing as the twist, but your arms are extended into an A-Frame shape.

A-Frame with Knee

  • Hold Center – Just hold yourself in the C-sit position

Water Break – 30 Seconds – Return to the C-Sit position

Single Leg Rises (Abb Workouts)

  • While you are in the C-Sit position, extend one leg on the floor. Now raise that leg so it is still extended and about 2 inches off the floor. Remember this is an abs exercise so use your core to move your legs.

-          Remember – Less is more. Form is better than quantity.

Single Leg Rises (Abb Workouts)

  • Continue this exercise with your other leg. – always rest when you need it.

Water Break – 30 Seconds

Both Leg Rises (Abb Workouts)

  • Now you are going to do the same thing you just did with both legs at the same time.

High Plank Position (Abb Workouts)

  • You are now assuming the high plank position.

High Plank Alternate Knees (Abb Workouts)

  • While in the high plank position use your core to bring your knee to your shoulder – alternating sides. Remember my little spill about proper form.

High Plank Fast Knees (Abb Workouts)

  • Same exercise you just did, now pick up the pace.  Form, Form, Form.

High Plank Position

  • Assume the low plank position

Low Plank Alternate Knees (Abb Workouts)

  • Watch your form and keep your butt down.

Child’s Pose

  • Use this time to stretch and take a quick breather.

Pulse Tucks – Low & High (Abb Workouts)

  • In this exercise you are in both a low and high plank position. Here you are only moving your abs and butt while keeping the rest of your body as straight as possible.

Stretch – Really use this time to stretch – Very important.

Congratulations you are done!!!! Click Here To Get Started

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Abb Workouts Review Is Coming…

Hey I’m Coach K,

First things first, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for checking out my newest website dedicated to ABB WORKOUTS. What you’ll find here is the most comprehensive review of Abb Workouts on any site on the net, as well as, my personal experience with various products related to the subject at hand.

Be sure to grab a pen and paper next time you stop by because this is one of many post to follow. Keep checking back for more news and strategies of effective ways to get the six pack of your desire. It won’t be easy so if you’re not ready to work and commit… don’t bother, but if you are more than ready to commit and stay consistent… welcome aboard.

Coach K

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